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JF series

Heating ring

Model: JF series

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Our JF series heating ring & fan are widely used in plastic extrusion machinery, the heating ring outstanding feature is fast heating rate, high thermal utilization factor, outstanding energy conservation (energy consumption reduce 30%), high temperature creep resistant, long serving life, high temperature resistance, high insulativity and operation temperature can reach 550℃.



Please specify the following when ordering:
1. The inner diameter (mm) and length (mm) of heaters
2. Thickness of heaters
3. Terminal length (max & min) and the distance of terminal length
4. The diameter, length of cooling tubes and the distance between them
5. Voltage and power density
6. Gap of two pieces if applicable
7. Wiring type and position
8. Whether need air blowers
9. Content of the stamping if needed
10. Order quantity and delivery date


It’s better to provide us with the drawings/pictures.



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