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Differential scanning calorimeter

Model: ZF-DSC-D2

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Differential scanning calorimeter Details

Differential scanning calorimeter is a new type thermal analysis instrument with feature of intelligent, miniaturization, low price. Suitable to test PE, PPR oxidation induction time, extension initial point temperature, enthalpy change, glass transition temperature, enthalpy change rate etc. ZF-DSC-D2 type differential scanning calorimeter with below features:


1. Miniaturization furnace body.
2. Fast warming and cooling.
3. High resolution A/D (24 bit) data collection.
4. Intelligent self-adaption monolithic MPU temperature control system.
5. Measure temperature and control temperature use Pt100 platinum resistor, temperature reading accuracy high, long-term constant temperature can reach 0.1℃.
6. Using figure gas mass flow meter by computer control gas circuit switchover and flow size.
7. High precision low drifting microvolt amplifier.
8. Operation method simple, no need panel operation, all in computer interface operation.
9. Can auto amplification DSC range and time range.
10. ZF-DSC-D2 type differential scanning calorimeter with easy computer data processing system.



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